Marc Borde

Marc Borde began his music career in Seabrook, TX in 1998 as the singer and guitarist for the reggae band “Shark Attack” and later formed “The Crew“, an acoustic band that recorded and toured on his sailboat. He has developed a diverse catalog of original songs ranging from reggae, folk, punk-rock, bluegrass, latin, hip-hop, and more, and has been a contributing songwriter and producer for various Texas artists. After a short Southern California solo acoustic tour in 2011, and joining forces with the reggae jam band “Cassette Tape” in 2012, Marc is now focusing on his acoustic trio “Hold Fast Fables” and is currently touring in support of his new interactive book Guitar Strings & Sailboat Things.

Hold Fast Fables – Rum (Nosmas Remix) by Nosmas

Hold Fast Fables - Telling tales of love, loss, and island life through music

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Together, musicians Marc Borde (Shark Attack, Cassette Tape, & Hold Fast Fables), Ryan Beard (Mama Tried & Shark Attack) and Blake Plesek (Mama Tried) formed a three-man band called “The Crew,” and recorded an album of orignal music inside the “Alyzarian,” a 26-foot Pearson sloop. They then went on a one-of-a-kind sailboat tour of the Texas gulf coast to support the album, playing 33 shows in 38 days using only bicycles and the sailboat for transportation. The book, designed and published by Texas journalist John Ennis is the first in a series of Kamikaze Tactics books, shares The Crew’s epic voyage filled with adventure on the high seas. This book takes a cutting-edge approach to story-telling by introducing a new “high-tech” type of book with downloadable music (The Crew’s album recorded on the sailboat and additional songs from Hold Fast Fables, Mama Tried, Shark Attack and Casette Tape), interactive QR Codes linking to additional content online including videos, photo galleries and much more. A Guitar Strings and Sailboat Things iPhone/iPad app is also under development.

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Marc Borde
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